toki sona

One way to practice toki pona is to write. But what to write? And who will read it? Well, our revered toki pona ancestors in their great sona have created a wiki for everyone to contribute to. Behold thou canst share your wisdom on topics of great abundance and read words of insight that others hath written before us.

Nearly all of Wikipesija is translated into TP, so one can learn many useful computer commands and common phrases (such as “o ante” (edit) , “lipu lawa”  (main page), “mi o tawa” (log out)).

My entries so far are on: poki kalama, Kene Kupa and Suwesuwekusa (ie. drums, Gene Krupa and Tzurezuregusa). Feel free to correct my TP grammar. I plan to add more, maybe on other random and uncategorised topics, like the above. Possibly on linguistics, but that’s not a promise.

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o sitelen e ilo

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