New findings

I learned Toki Pona vocabulary using Memrise. When I did the course it had 117 words. It appears that someone had recently (beginning of May) conveniently updated it adding 3 new items (pi, esun and pan). Imagine my surprise and panic when I opened my lipu lawa on Memrise and a course that I had completed was suddenly *incomplete* 😮 o tempora o mores!

Other remaining words that appear on the official TP website have not been added (alasa, pata and kipisi), I wonder what is their current status among users and jan suli pi toki pona.

Apart from that, a mysterious jan on Memrise TP forum has posted some interesting new links. There is janKo who is writing a dictionary of TP! See here. I mean I hope he is still writing, last entries seem to be from October 2013. It’s a fun reading practice you want to practice understanding someone else’s TP (and read all of Wikipesija already 😛 ).


o sitelen e ilo

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