jan Mata lon sitelen suli


One regular day jan Sonja li sitelen tawa mi saying someone is writing about TP for the Atlantic and is looking to interview speakers and asking if I was interested in being interviewed. Why not? I thought, it could make for a fun conversation.

A few days later I had a nice 1-hour Skype chat with Roc Morin (I still feel like I won this one hour of office time). He asked about various things that got me to reminiscence about my golden Toki Pona days, learning it and working on all these projects this site documents.

Couple of months later, the article was out: The Atlantic, Business Insider, shared by the Linguist Lists and even cropped up on my own LinkedIn. jan Sonja, Chris Huff and John Quijada were cited, and I find it very funny, that I was also quoted extensively. Is anyone looking to hire a self-proclaimed TP expert?


o sitelen e ilo

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