poki toki explanaiton

Just a bit of a disclaimer about the project.

It has been crmaineated as a learning tool for beginning toki ponaists (tokiponaers?). The intention was for it to be all in toki pona. The first page is just a basic vocab en>TP>en search (based on the translations from the official website, but not including (as of yet, 17 May, 2014), the new words like alasa). If you think it should – let me know.

Second page is just my idea to divide the TP vocab into groups. When you try to express yourself in the first stages, it’s sometimes hard to remember what words related to a particular concept you are thinking of are available to you. My division has:


jan – people, kule -colours, nanpa – numbers, ma – places (like tomo, but also monsi or poka), moku – food items, sijelo -body, ma selo – items form the outside world/nature (like kon or mun) and ijo ale – living things.

Of course, because of multiple meanings some words will appear in more than one group. And some don’t belong to any group. I welcome further suggestions about this division.

Third screen is just arbitrarily chosen links that may be useful for toki pona newbiees. Improvement suggestions so far include:

mute– autocomplete function for the main search

–  buttons for groups in the group search (to avoid typing in the name of the group).

I don’t think the first would be possible to create in appery, the second should be – I’ll work on that.




o sitelen e ilo

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