This is a completely subjective and totally egocentric account of my toki pona journey. If you don’t know what toki pona is click here.

All started when a good friend of mine and I wanted to learn another language to communicate without being understood. It grew into a more elaborate experience. For me it’s partially because I’m supposed to be doing something else, ie. write a MA dissertation. This fascination prompted me to learn many other skills, evoked a lot of creativity and interest in other topics (learning Esperanto now…), most of all it has been a lot of FUN.

Since the start we developed our own toki pona dialect, which by having only two speakers is endangered from the outset. We are both interested in language revitalisation and the learning TP is like practically experiencing theoretical issues we discuss in seminars about endangered languages and their maintenance. ay que pona.

tp iconI will try to translate all the content of this blogo-site into TP. When it happens you’ll see a little icon by all the posts (like the one on the left here) that will take you to the TP version (erm, a loose translation let’s say). Until then it will be in English with TP words here and there for musi.