This one started while I was still learning TP.  A perfect example of mater artium necessiatas. Why do I always need to go on the web to check a TP word? So annoying, especially on the phone… is there an app? There isn’t?! Well, let’s make one.

As a computer illiterate (what does js stand for?), you can imagine it was a long way. I used this programme, which allows you to create one free app (very nice and fast customer support too). I demanded (yes that’s the correct word) spiritual support from many. Read a lot of online tutorials, made a lot of silly mistakes. What could probably take a full day for a more experienced individual, took about a month (well, in my own defence: of course it wasn’t a full time engagement). So here I present to you:


Now I want to learn to code properly (if you’re like me I recommend this.)

Thank you those who helped and supported me spiritually (you know who you are!). You can read more about the project  here.

when was it? April/May 2014