kalama musi

This one started from a salsa congress… But maybe it’s to far back to go there 😉

If you know the film “Pitch Perfect”* you may remember the scene where Anna Kendrick sings what came down in the history a the “Cup song”. It’s a cool party trick to be able to do this “cup trick” (gives you an idea of how I see a cool party…), so I thought I’d learn. It’s not too complicated, a wee bit more complicated to sing along while doing it. Then I thought I’d write a toki pona song for it.

The lyrics are loosely based on the original, at least on the general feel of it. Then I thought: what if I record it? So I did. And these, my friends are the origins of the toki musi youtube channel. And elle ha-devarim** :



The original version has been somewhat changed after toki pona community corrections. I asked toki pona speakers for translations – it’ll be great to know how people interpret the lyrics (here are the versions I got so far). If you want you can still send me your translations!



* If you are not a teenage girl you may not be familiar with this splendid piece of cinematography.

** אלא הדברים – please comment if you get this reference.

tp iconwhen was this? April/May 2014