sitelen musi


This blog alone is a big outburst of graphics of all sorts. Alongside it I have been creating various logo-type and glyph-inspired pieces. And the time has come to convert them into STICKERS. And stickers, if you don’t know me yet, are my second favourite thing in the world, right after glitter.

I am very proud and pleased to say that my sticker designs has been officially approved by jan Sonja! 😀

Now …. Do *YOU* want to join me in the STICKER QUEST?

If yes… here are some pona lukin stickers that I’m currently selling. It’s all on first come, first served basis (if needed the hour of sending of the email shall prevail!). I have two types:

Stickers Large

Let’s call them Brown, Blue, Beige & Pink



Size (of each sticker) : square, 63mm (2.48″), matt

Price: £0.8/each (+postage/packing*)



6 cute little stickers

6 cute little stickers





where you get a leaf with 6 little cute stickers

Size (of each little one): square, 22mm (0.86″), gloss

Price: £0.95/ leaf (+ postage/packing*)

 You can also buy a whole book of those (90 stickers!) for £9!
Anyone who joins me in the STICKER QUEST will get one more, surprise design as a bonus 🙂
* They are pretty light as you can imagine, so the postage/packing price would be the same as for a regular letter, i.e.:
£ 0.7 for UK  (1st class)
£ 1.30 Europe/Overseas
You will be able to pay by Paypal or bank transfer.
Sooo? If you want to stick some ponaness around, get in touch!
There is also some merchandise using the designs above on CafePress (bags, tshirts and the like) – feel free to browse!
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