glyps collage

As a bit of a creative person I was very happy to discover that toki ponaists developed a lot of writing systems. Apart from the main TP site, there is a comprehensive list here, it’s in Polish, but you can see the names and the visuals so you can google more.

I love the sitelen sitelen created by Jonathan Gabel. The glyphs are not only absolutely beautiful, but also force you to think about grammatical constructions when writing, which I believe improves your grammatical understanding. My glyphs aren’t too pretty yet, but let’s say it’s work in progress. Here is an (intersemiotic) translation of my TP poem. And some more below. You tell me what they mean.

There are some very inspiring examples of art on Jonathan Gabel’s website. Special mention needs to be given to the Epic of Gilgamesh. The work of Laughton McCry is really wonderful! You can see more here. I love the idea of creating TP past.

a bit of an inside joke, dedicated to jan Oliwa 🙂